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The Black Ice® SR1 platform is the new PC radiator technology from Hardware Labs designed for ultra-low airflow applications. Black Ice® SR1 radiators feature a custom compressed core width utilizing streamlined 45 micron copper fins giving it unparalleled performance from sub-800rpm to 2000rpm fans and flow constricted systems.

The Black Ice® GT Xtreme brings forth the next step in the Black Ice® GEN TWO platform bringing the first effective dual core to PC watercooling radiators. This unique pre-cool/aftercool front to rear flow pattern, combined with twice the coolantside surface area, and a new higher flow fin MaxFin® splitter-fin geometry gives the new Black Ice® GTX platform new definition in power and performance without the acoustic penalties of typical two-row radiators.
The Black Ice® GT Stealth is the first true next generation dual-fan PC radiator designed for uncompromising performance and stealth silent operation. The Black Ice GTS boasts of the radically redesigned Black Ice® core technology only this time providing twice the surface area while maintaining the same compact profile. The GTS is especially designed for the discriminating case mod professional who wants it to look as good as it performs.

The Most Advanced PC Radiator Period.